Spook Dazzle And Roll

Halloween Photography is a time when everyone in the family gets to be in and contribute some artistic idea of their own to the overall effect. Including the dogs. Setting up a scene takes time and collaboration.

We love to make Five Ingredient Thai Pumpkin Soup, or choose from the Food & Wine Top Ten Best Pumpkins Soups with all these different lovely pumpkins.

We LOVE to sprinkle dry ice into a few Jack-O-Lantern metal cauldrons as well as add floral arrangements by Studio South, Islamorada and Noir Cake with Chocolate and Lavender Cream with a Crown of Fresh Berries and Stars by Maggies bakery in Key Largo.

Check back with us soon for the full floral and cake, with dogs and kids treat of a scene.


Happy Halloween Photography – we love the pumpkins – the spider webs and sparkle black BOO it’s so exciting for the kids – of all ages. And when the flowers, cake, dogs, costumed trick or treaters come over for the birthday party on October 29th this still life scene will come to full film life in a whole new way.

Key Largo Halloween Photography

Halloween Photography
Publix Grocery Store Pumpkins – Large Colourful Varieties; Dionisio Farms, Pueblo, Colorado. White Mini ‘Lumina Variety’ Pumpkins; Danny’s
Halloween Photography
Florida Keys Jewelry 14K Gold Chocolate and Yellow Diamond Sunflower Ring

October 13th Flowers & Cake – Halloween Photography

Skeleton Cat & Sunflower Ring Posed by ‘Almost’ Halloween Birthday Girl

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